$SKILL is the second token in chaincolosseum.

$SKILL is mainly used to strengthen your character.

Wallet boost to boost your entire character just by keeping it in your wallet.

You can use $SKILL to boost your character's skills at a higher efficiency than the wallet boost.

There are two ways to get $SKILL: convert it from $COLOS or get it in-game

There is a penalty when a user swaps from $SKILL to $COLOS, but this is averaged out for each transaction that gets $SKILL. The formula which we use is weighted by multiplying by the amount of $SKILL in that transaction.

For example, if you get 100 SKILLs on the first day and then 100 SKILLs on the next day, the penalty at that time will be 48.5% instead of 48%. Time will be calculated by block number, not by day, so it will not suddenly decrease by 2% after a day, but rather will decrease in a linear fashion.

(This calculation is the same as Uranium Finance's $sRads→$Rads, this information is for those who have participated in that farm.)

The formula for calculating the penalty percentage has changed to the following

MAX50% - (50 * elapsed blocks from the average transaction block of SKILL to the present) / 720000 seconds

If 1 block = 3 seconds, the calculation becomes 0% after 25 days have passed from the "average transaction block".

This "average transaction block" is re-calculated for every transaction that earns a SKILL. The formula for calculating the "average transaction block" is as follows

Weight" ÷ Total amount of SKILLs including the SKILLs acquired by a transaction this time

This "weight" is calculated as follows

Amount of SKILLs currently possessed before Transaction × Current average transaction block + (Current block × Amount of SKILLs in this TX)

No $SKILL liquidity provided. The only way to redeem $SKILL is to convert it to $COLOS from within the game.

  • Smartcontract Address: 0xb19EaAF723dDd54871A6100FC9eB759237A4C1d3

  • Name: ChainColosseum Skill Token

  • Symbol: SKILL

  • Decimals: 18

  • Network: Binance Smart Chain

  • Total Supply: ∞

  • Mechanism: Everything will be sent to the BURN address.

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