Skill Boost

There are two ways to enhance your character in this game

Skill Boost

SKILL Boost can be used to enhance your character by giving it $SKILL directly!

The percentage of skill boosts for each profession is listed below

Percentage of skill boosts for each profession

・Lower Class

■Warrior HP:30%, ATK:30%, DEF:26%, SPD:6%, LUK:8% (Total 100%)

■Thief HP:26%, ATK:24%, DEF:20%, SPD:24%, LUK:16% (110% total)

■Investor HP:24%, ATK:20%, DEF:18%, SPD:20%, LUK:30% (112% total)

HIgher Class

■Knight HP:45%, ATK:45%, DEF:40%, SPD:10%, LUK:12% (152% total)

■Assassin HP:40%, ATK:36%, DEF:30%, SPD:36%, LUK:24% (total 166%)

■Emperor HP:36%, ATK:30%, DEF:28%, SPD:30%, LUK:45% (169% total)

The difference in the percentage of skill boosts is slightly lower for jobs with higher status (ATK, DEF), which have a stronger direct impact on combat.

Wallet Skill Boost

Wallet Skill Boost is a system that increases the stats of all characters just by holding $SKILL! If the normal skill boost is 1, the wallet skill boost is 1/10 as efficient.

This means that the more characters you have, the more efficient it will be!

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