The token to be sold in the pre-sale is $SKILL. Please check the link below for the tokenomics of $SKILL

The game’s governance token, $COLOS, will be available at a fair launch.

Presale Details is as follows:

Date: 12/2/2021 12:00 UTC

Duration: Until 3 days have passed or a sell out, whichever comes first

Amount that will be raised: 2000BNB

Pre Sale Ratio : Whitelisted addresses 300BNB First Come First Serve basis of 1700BNB

Whitelist users will have the priority to purchase first.

Limit of one account: 3BNB each

Price of $SKILL: $1 per $SKILL token Due to the fluctuating price of BNB, the number of BNB you can buy per BNB will be determined at the last minute.

Boss Mint tickets will be given to those who purchase in the presale. 3333 tickets per 1 BNB. For More Information about the Boss Mint Tickets, please click this link:

Referral system

On Chain Colossum, anyone can be an influencer and become a presale affiliate (through referrals).

Please visit the site and get your own referral URL. When a third party joins the presale through that URL, 10% of the purchase price will be paid directly to the referrer via BNB.

The hard cap for the Chain Colossum presale is $1,000,000. 10% of which will be paid to the influencers. For more details on how the funds raised will be used, please

    How Presale funds will be used

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