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The market is a place where you can sell your own characters and weapons, or buy characters and weapons that others have sold.

Search NFTs to see your own listings and those of others.

Browse NFTs

The Browse NFTs tab lets you view the currently listed characters and weapons.

Filters are available for both characters and weapons to narrow down the available options.

Search NFTs

If you have access to the asset ID of the NFT you are purchasing, or you have access to the wallet address of the seller, you may view them directly under the Search NFTs tab.

Simply input an asset ID on the textbox and select either "Search Character ID" or "Search Weapon ID" to bring up the NFT in question.

If you have the wallet address of the seller, you may also input that on the textbox and select "Characters by Seller" or "Weapons by Seller" to bring up all of their listed characters and weapons respectively.

You may also use this tab to view your currently listed characters and weapons, complete with their tax-inclusive price.

De-listing an item still incurs the 24 hour trade lock, so you won't immediately be able to trade or re-list the item after pulling it out of the marketplace.

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