We are using google's reCAPTCHA to detect BOTs. Click down below for more information.

Currently, we are detecting BOT on multiple accounts.

We have made up our mind. We will not tolerate BOTs.

It creates inequality for those who are playing the game normally.

Currently, we are manually confiscating NFT items. We have confiscated the NFTs of two accounts as of now. The person in question claims that he is not using BOT.

However, we have no choice but to trust google. Any action that is determined to be a BOT is done by google's reCAPTCHA system.

Therefore, from now on, we will confiscate your NFT if you are found to be using a BOT by google's reCAPTCHA, even if you claim are not using a BOT.

We will keep the confiscated NFTs for 25 days before returning them back to their original owners. As long as you play the game normally, you will not be detected as a BOT by google's reCAPTCHA 100% of the time guaranteed.

If you are detected as BOT user, we will take action. If you insist that you are not using BOT, please contact google and take it up with them.

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