What is ChainColosseum?

ChainColosseum is the next generation of PlaytoEarn games! Users can earn characters and accessories to defeat enemies. Defeating bosses created by other users will get you optimal rewards

What are COLOS Tokens?

$COLOS is a governance token for ChainColosseum. You will also have the opportunity to use it in the game. For example, it will be used for character recruitment, weapon loot boxes, liquidity sticking, etc. $COLOS can only be obtained by converting $SKILL or buying it through ApeSwap.

What are Skill tokens?

$SKILL is the second token of ChainColosseum. $SKILL is mainly used to upgrade your character. Wallet boosts can be used to level up your character just by keeping it in your wallet. You can also use $SKILL to boost your character's skills at a greater efficiency than the wallet boosts.

How can I contact the team?

The best way to get in touch with the team is through our telegram. We are always ready to help everyone. We are open to any suggestions.

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