Boss Mint Ticket

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Boss Mint Ticket is a feature that allows you to create your own boss of your choice.

The Boss Mint Ticket allows you to create your own boss with a chance of appearing as a RAID boss!

The Boss Mint Ticket is displayed in the Item menu, and when you click on it,

you can upload the boss image, set the name and status, and mint the boss.

The number of tickets determines the value that can be assigned to the status

It takes a minimum of 24,000 tickets to MINT a boss. This is because the logic for a boss to appear of the same rank as your character requires a minimum total power of 24,000.

Level of the boss = Character Power/200 +1 (Boss Level is Power/6000)

1 SKILL can be converted into 10 Boss Mint Tickets

If a player MINTs a BOSS and it is defeated three times, it will be burned and will not ever appear again.

The Boss Mint Tickets are a number stored in the Boss Mint Ticket contract, so it is not a token. Since they are not tokens, they cannot be passed between other accounts. You can check it when you connect your wallet(MetaMask) to the game.

There is no size limit for the images you can use. When you upload an image, it will be cropped into a square on the screen. If the image is too large, it will be scaled down when displayed.

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