ChainColosseum is a story book like game, and a place where rare items can be traded just like the video games we all played as children. A mystical place where brave men and dragons and demons, fight to keep their existence! Please come join us and explore a dream like nostalgic world!
We're excited to bring ChainColosseum to the world!
We invite you to join our wonderful community!

The Motivation for Creating ChainColosseum

We're fans of the innovations happening in Defi and blockchain technology space.
We've been hoping to see a game that uses blockchain technology properly.
We thought it would take too long for a good blockchain game to be made, so we decided to make it ourselves and create our own game called ChainColosseum!
The old-fashioned fun of messing around with characters, weapons, and accessories. We are bringing back the following:
The difficulty of fighting strong enemies back in the old console games.
The sense of accomplishment when you defeat them.
The satisfaction of defeating enemies and earning rewards.
This is the vision we are aiming for. Every day, the team thinks about improving on various things, and enjoys making this game that will satisfy everyone.
We hope that everyone will re-discover something about their own lives through this game other than just making money.
We have created this game with an attractive and long-term vision in mind.
We will provide an engaging and meaningful experience for all COLOS token holders.
We are committed to making this project and community the best it can be.
We want this to be a community-driven development project with an eye on the next phase coming soon and the future phases a little further down the road!
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