Our Vision

Have you ever seen a project where the token price has collapsed due to the sale of tokens owned by the management team? We've seen various GameFi and PlaytoEarn projects and have actually played and took part with these projects ourselves!

The price of tokens will increase as long as there is interest from everyone in any project. However, when the token price goes up, the management team will sell their own tokens. That is what triggers the collapse! A sell-off by the management will lead to a panic sell by the general public, and the decline in the token price becomes unstoppable. That's how yields go down, and you end up with a project that no one wants to even look at. This sequence of these events is what we call a “Soft Rug”.

We will have a new approach. We will raise funds through presale. We also need to make a living, so 30% of the funds raised from the presale will be allocated to marketing, development, etc. The other half, 50%, will be spent entirely on the initial liquidity. And we, the management, won’t receive or have any native tokens for free. We will use 20% of the funds raised in the presale to buy tokens just like everyone else after the initial token listing. We will also play the game as one of the users just like everybody else. This is the sequence of events we have in mind.

The Gacha's Revenue

from 5% transaction fee

$COLOS to spend for battle

Market Sales Commission

Spend $SKILL on skill boosts to make your character stronger

Early exchange penalties of up to 50% when converting $SKILL to $COLOS

All of these in-game fees and more will be BURNED!

Unlike normal projects, the fee does not go into the management team's wallet to fund the sales pitch. All of the above information is recorded in the transaction, so it is all viewable and provable. This will result in a project with no fraud and not a snake oil sales pitch! Have you ever seen a project like this before? Not to our knowledge. Through this project, we will take you to a new world of GameFi!

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